What is called Wheat Allergy?

Wheat allergy is common term of Gluten allergy or Celiac disease.

Basically in wheat allergy - there is no component of typical allergy rather it is an autoimmune condition of the body or the gastrointestinal mucosa where if gluten is being ingested ( Gluten is basically protein in nature, which is found in wheat and barley).

Someone, who is genetically predisposed to have celiac disease, when they take any food items containing gluten like wheat or barley, then the gluten gradually destroys the villi present in the small intestine.

Once the villi are destroyed then the food nutrients are not able to enter into the blood stream and the person is basically deprived of some very important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Thus in long run, the patient would come with different symptoms like - indigestion, chronic diarrhea alternating with constipations, vomiting, abdominal cramps, anemia, lethargy and laziness; the child is not able to concentrate on studies, low immunity and which might lead to chronic cough and cold issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritability, weightloss, lack of growth.

How the Gluten allergy or Celiac Disease is diagnosed ?

tTG-IgA test is a preferred test for celiac disease. Sometimes, the endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine mucosa is a confirmatory test.

Complications of Wheat allergy or Gluten Allergy or Celiac disease:

When the disease conditions remain unaddressed for prolong period of time then it might lead to serious complications in children - like - malnutrition syndrome, lack of growth, severe type of anemia, repeated cough and cold , depression, severe irritability etc.

Treatment for Celiac Disease or Gluten Allergy-

In modern medicine or in conventional medical treatment, there is no cure for this issue except having a strict Gluten-free diet.

Treatment of wheat allergy or Celiac disease or Gluten Allergy at Healer's Homeopathy.

Here at Healer's Homeopathy- we have already successfully treated several cases of wheat allergy and subsequently the patients would again start taking wheat and wheat products with confidence without any sort of complications.

Line of treatment of Wheat Allergy at Healer's Homeopathy-

Here we first take down the entire case history of the patient. This disorder is basically genetically predisposed thus during case history- we would vividly take down the entire family history- both maternal and paternal.

Our next step is basically evaluation of the symptoms.

Third stage is Repertorization. We then carefully re-arrange the symptoms and form different Rubrics. Then those Rubrics are basically load into high-end Repertory Software.

And then we would come to the desired medicine.

This whole lot of process is called the Classical way of Prescribing.