Allergic Rhinitis

Wheat Allergy

What is called Allergy?

Allergy is basically Hyper-sensitivity reaction of the body towards the substances of the environment, which are basically harmless to most of the people or most of the human beings do not react such heavily towards those substances. Most of these substances are called allergens. These allergens might be found in different kinds of food substances, pollens, dust (outdoor or indoor dust), dust mites, ticks, molds or different kind of medications.

Why allergy occurs?

The exact reason of allergy is still un-known. It has been seen that most of the allergens, which are basically protein in nature, when enters in the body of human being (through inhalation, or ingestion or through skin surface), our immune system or the defense system (unknowingly) overreacts to its presence in the body. Most of the time our body responds by producing excessive amount of IgEimmunoglobulin. IgE antibodies then bind to mast cells. These mast cells are present in different parts of body like on skin, respiratory tract, mucous membrane. Then these mast cell would produce Histamines – which irritates the particular parts of the body like mucosa, skin etc and then the particular symptoms of allergy take place – like sneezing, running nose, cough, diarrhea, skin hives, excessive nasal discharge, allergic bronchitis, asthma etc.

Treatment of Allergy in Modern Medicine:

  • In the conventional system of medicine, most of the treatment is basically based on,- countering the end-product of Allergy and that is – Anti-histaminic drugs. Anti-histaminic drugs basically minimize the histamine content of the body, which is the end-product of Antigen (allergen) and antibody reactions.

Treatment of Allergies by Classical Homeopathic Treatment at Healer’s Homeopathy

  • At Healer’s Homeopathy, we follow the Classical Homeopathic Treatment Method, where we do the detailed case history of the patient, where we try to figure out the basic reason for which body is exhibiting this kind of un-natural reaction. Then with the help of Repertorization technique, we are able to select the right medication for the diseased individual. This medicine would basically STOP the un-natural reaction of the body, at the first place, towards the allergens. This rightly selected Homeopathic medicine is basically called – Immuno-modulators. As there is no more fights between the antigen and antibodies, thus there is no question of formation of histamine. There is no requirement of taking Anti-histaminic drug and the patient would gradually cured from this disease.
Basically in wheat allergy - there is no component of typical allergy rather it is an autoimmune condition of the body or the gastrointestinal mucosa where if gluten is being ingested ( Gluten is basically protein in nature, which is found in wheat and barley). Someone, who is genetically predisposed to have celiac disease, when they take any food items containing gluten like wheat or barley, then the gluten gradually destroys the villi present in the small intestine. Once the villi are destroyed then the food nutrients are not able to enter into the blood stream and the person is basically deprived of some very important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Thus in long run, the patient would come with different symptoms like - indigestion, chronic diarrhea alternating with constipations, vomiting, abdominal cramps, anemia, lethargy and laziness; the child is not able to concentrate on studies, low immunity and which might lead to chronic cough and cold issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritability, weightloss, lack of growth.
tTG-IgA test is a preferred test for celiac disease. Sometimes, the endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine mucosa is a confirmatory test. Complications of Wheat allergy or Gluten Allergy or Celiac disease: When the disease conditions remain unaddressed for prolong period of time then it might lead to serious complications in children- like - malnutrition syndrome, lack of growth, severe type of anemia, repeated cough and cold , depression, severe irritability etc.
In modern medicine or in conventional medical treatment, there is no cure for this issue except having a strict Gluten-free diet.
Here at Healer's Homeopathy- we have already successfully treated several cases of wheat allergy and subsequently the patients would again start taking wheat and wheat products with confidence without any sort of complications.

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